Let's geego!

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Heidi Leivo

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Minna Marlo

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Geego's vision is to be globally recognized as an innovative physical skill learning game that ignites children's passion for movement. We aim to revolutionize the traditional concept of 'playing' by uniquely merging the digital and physical worlds. Our goal is to actively encourage children aged 3-8 to move more, whether they are at home, in daycares, or schools. Geego strives to be a guide and motivator for children on the path to a physically active lifestyle filled with joy, learning, and health.


Geego's mission is to inspire children to adopt an active lifestyle through the elements of gamification and the digital world. In Geego, children do not just 'play'; they actively participate and develop important skills, such as basic motor functions, ball handling, and movement control. At the same time, they learn valuable social and life skills. Our goal is for every child to recognize and achieve their inner superhero through the joy and skills of movement, building a strong foundation for a healthy and active life.


Geego's collaboration with experts from Varala ensures that the content is both pedagogically and physically high-quality. With Geego, every child can reveal their inner superhero and experience the joy of physical activity that will follow them throughout their lives.