Geego is

Teachers' new best friend

– saving you the trouble of coming up with ideas yourself!

Pedagogically high-quality

Geego’s collaboration with experts from Varala Sports Institute ensures that the content is pedagogically and physically high-quality. With Geego, every child can unleash their inner superhero and experience the joy of physical activity that will follow them throughout their lives.



The Geego app is easy to implement in daycares or schools. Designed for flexibility, it can be integrated into the daily schedule during physical education classes, breaks, or group activities. The app offers short, easily executable activities that require minimal preparation.

›› Geegoing starts in daycare, school, or clubs.

›› Geegoing continues in free time.

›› ….cultivating a love for an active lifestyle!

Loputtomasti tekemistä

ja uuden oivaltamista

Geegocity on maaginen kaupunki, jossa jokainen alue opettaa lapselle uusia taitoja.

Monipuolisia ja matalan kynnyksen harjoitteita erilaisiin liikuntalajeihin.

Geegon koulu yhdistää oppimisen ja liikkumisen jännittäväksi kokemukseksi.

Endless activities

and new discoveries.


Geegocity is a magical city where each area teaches children new skills.


It offers a variety of low-threshold exercises for different sports.


Geego's school combines learning and movement into an exciting experience.

Geego is more than just an app.

Socio-Emotional Development:
Geego promotes children’s socio-emotional development by offering tasks that encourage interaction, cooperation, and teamwork. The app helps develop emotional skills and self-awareness in a fun and supportive way.

Group Activities and Collaboration Skills:
Geego is an ideal tool for group activities. The app’s activities encourage cooperation and interaction, helping to strengthen teamwork skills and social relationships.

Playful and Interactive Approach Inspires Engagement

Geego’s fun and rewarding tasks motivate children to participate and be active. This is particularly important today, as concerns about children’s sedentary lifestyles and screen time are increasing.

Excellent Tool for Comprehensive Development

With Geego, children learn fundamental motor skills such as coordination and movement control, as well as social skills like interaction and teamwork.

High-Quality Additional Resource for Education Professionals

Geego’s content is developed in collaboration with experts in physical education and pedagogy, ensuring its educational and physical quality.


Geego offers various difficulty levels and diverse tasks suitable for children of different ages and abilities. This allows for individual development, encouraging children to challenge themselves at their own pace.


At the Researcher level, children build a foundation for their physical skills.


At the Challenger level, children really test and develop their abilities.


At the Adventurer level, children's skills and creativity flourish.


The learning adventure culminates with the Superhero task, celebrating each child's personal growth and development.

You asked, we answer.

The Geego app is suitable for children aged 3-8 because we have chosen not to name difficulty levels based on age. This decision is based on our understanding that children develop individually and at different rates. Each child is unique, with their physical, cognitive, and social skills developing at different speeds. Instead of tying difficulty levels strictly to a specific age group, Geego offers a flexible and adaptive learning environment that meets the individual needs and developmental stages of each child.

No, you don’t need any special equipment to start Geegoing. There are plenty of activities that require no equipment, but there are also many that use typical items like balls, skipping ropes, hoops, etc. Handling skills are an important part of physical skills, which is why we’ve also included activities that involve common equipment.

Absolutely! What makes the Geego app great is that you don’t need any sports training to lead activities. All activities come with complete instructions for conducting sessions, and each task has been tried and tested with real children, so you don’t have to worry about whether it will work – because it does!

Currently, we offer the Geego app partly for free. There is one free activity set available in each category. We also offer annual subscriptions for homes and teams (schools, daycares, preschools, school districts, companies, etc.). Learn more about all our plans here.

No, it doesn’t. In fact, you can start Geegoing right away and even let the children participate in choosing the theme for the session.

The Geego app includes a variety of physical skills and activities, such as balance and coordination exercises, basic motor skills development, ball skills, movement control, and strength training. Additionally, the app offers playful sports games that develop children’s proficiency in various sports and, at the same time, teach them social and life skills while they enjoy the joy of movement.