Geego game

activates, not deactivates!

– saving you the trouble of having to come up with them yourself!

›› Geego’s hundreds of fun and developmental tasks help you move diversely every day.

›› Geego combines physical activity and other wholesome activities into a gamified experience.

›› Dozens of sports courses encourage trying new things and finding your own passion among the sports!

Endless activities

and new insights


Geegocity is a magical city where each area teaches children new skills.


It offers a variety of low-threshold exercises for different sports.


Geego's school combines learning and movement into an exciting experience.

Pedagogically high-quality

Geego’s collaboration with experts from Varala Sports Institute ensures that the content is pedagogically and physically high-quality. With Geego, every child can unleash their inner superhero and experience the joy of physical activity that will follow them throughout their lives.


Geego offers various difficulty levels and diverse tasks suitable for children of different ages and abilities. This allows for individual development, encouraging children to challenge themselves at their own pace.


At the Explorer-level, children build a foundation for their physical skills.


At the Challenger level, children really test and develop their abilities.


Seikkailija-tasolla lapsen taidot ja luovuus  pääsevät kukoistamaan.


The learning adventure culminates with the Superhero task, celebrating each child's personal growth and development.