Varala Sports Institute and Geego – Together towards a future of physical activity

We are thrilled to announce that Varala Sports Institute, a Finnish icon in sports education, has joined forces with Geego as a shareholder. This collaboration brings together two leaders in their fields: Varala’s long history and expertise in physical education and Geego’s innovative approach to children’s physical education.

Varala – At the Forefront of Finnish Sports Education

Founded in 1909, Varala Sports Institute has been a pioneer in Finnish sports education. It was established by determined and courageous women who strongly believed in the importance of physical activity. Varala has always represented innovation and development in sports education, and today, it continues this tradition as an innovative center for physical education and training.

Geego and Varala – Quality Physical Education

Our collaboration with Varala’s experts ensures that the content of the Geego app is pedagogically and physically high-quality. This partnership allows every child to discover their inner superhero and experience the joy of physical activity that will accompany them throughout their lives. Varala’s expertise in sports and coaching enriches Geego’s content, enhancing its effectiveness and versatility.

Vision and Values – Building the Future of Physical Activity

At Varala and Geego, we share a common vision: to create a future where everyone can enjoy physical activity, achieve their goals, and be well, regardless of age or background. Our values, such as collaborative success, trust, customer orientation, and the courage to innovate, guide us in this endeavor. Together, we aim to inspire and support every child, family, and community towards a more active and healthier lifestyle.

This collaboration is an exciting step towards a future of physical activity, and we look forward to what it will bring. Join us on Geego and Varala’s journey – together, we are creating pathways of joy in physical activity for future generations!