"Reducing screen time frees up more time to connect with family.
and that's wonderful."


Our family’s dream is to create a phenomenon where families exercise and spend more time together!

The story of Geego’s founders, Heidi and Mikko is quite unique.

They started their first joint venture in 2005. Heidi and Mikko took their motorcycle show on tour to 26 countries, even all the way to the F1 race in Bahrain. They know how far you can get, if your childhood and family has been encouraging and active. This is the value what the growing team share together.

However, the biggest achievement for Heidi and Mikko has been raising two small active children together.

We all know that being active is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. But according to statistics, most people aren’t getting the recommended amount of daily physical activity they need for a healthy life. And the inactivity starts young.

There’s no need for exercise or family time to compete with smart devices: geegoing combines all these three things!

The Geego app and Geego by Exel sport equipment for families offers an easy and affordable way to have fun together. It inspires the whole family from toddlers to grandparents to challenge themselves and try out new things. Several studies report that parents have the biggest impact on the overall fitness and weight of their children.

With Geego, you don’t need expensive equipment or hours and hours of time. You can complete challenges at home or at a nearby park at your own pace.

It’s time to step in

Sadly, inactive and sedentary children typically go on to become inactive and sedentary adults, increasing their risk for cardiac disease, depression, and diabetes as they get older.

In Finland, only 2.6% of young adults (16-20 years) get the physical activity they need. And this lack of exercise costs society nearly 7 billion euros a year.

Families are spending more time together than before. But not together-together. Alone-together. A lot of this alone-together time is taken up by tech.

The above problems affect all welfare states and most of these families. There are 3 million families with children in the Nordic countries alone. We aim to reach 1% of our target group in this market area. And not forgetting companies and municipalities that want to gain visibility on a healthy platform.


What do the kids need?

The problem has already arisen in societies, and sports applications have emerged on the market. The problem has often been addressed through technology-driven solutions, such as AR and VR, and has been targeted mainly at children. Our advantage is a clear focus on families and presence. We have found our own blue sea here.

Attention has also begun to be paid to screen time, and our products are designed so that the brain receives as few stimuli as possible. Children have not changed, the environment for growth is!

In creating the geegoing phenomenon, our advantage is that it is also easy for partners to stand behind our values and vision.

It’s time to work together. End of the day. It’s about the kiddos. They are the seeds of our future <3

Let’s talk. Together we can achieve more!

Heidi Leivo
+358 40 521 3914

Help kiddos not only become more active now, but grow up into active adults.